Compassion and Authenticity

The Centre Sowa Rigpa is a place of massages and treatments, yoga and meditation issued from traditional Tibetan medicine and teachings from Tibetan Yogis.

It is a space where the meaning of the sacred is alive and human values ​​respected.

It’s a place of relaxation, of regeneration, where one is accompanied through internal changes, created by Sophie Dumazeau and Yohann Bossé in 2016.

A Tibetan atmosphere where one is taken on a deep, essential and interior journey…

…where the ancient knowledge and compassion of Yogis and Tibetan Amchis brings you simple and efficient solutions, to live better in a modern and complex world.




Sophie and Yohann

We have been living together for 20 years and have traveled all over the world for many years. Together we have been initiated into the world of healing with different types of traditional healers and we have discovered our vocation.

Today we are both Sowa Rigpa practitioners "the Tibetan science of healing" (Tib. གསོ་བ་རིག་པ།): a centuries-old traditional medical system that utilizes pulse and urine analysis, behaviour and diet modification, natural medicines made from herbs and minerals, and external healing therapies to treat illness.

We started our training 7 years ago, qualified and certified in Traditional Tibetan massage Ku Nye and external therapies, Tibetan Yoga Ne jang, Tibetan Pranayama, Mantratherapy, Meditation by the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (Sorig Khang International founded by Doctor Nida Chenagtsang. Yohann is also a Sonotherapist and uses his voice, Tibetan bowls and gong for sessions of healing sound meditation and massage.

Also Yogi and Yogini Practitioners from the long Nyingma lineage and Yuthok Nyingthig tradition (spiritual practice of caregivers) we practice daily and regularly go on a spiritual retreat.