Meditation and way of life

Your Mind .... Your Life .... Your Success

With Yohann

Do you wish to discover, learn and/or deepen your meditation or Tibetan yoga? Have you got obstacles in the way stopping you from achieving better meditation? (misunderstanding, laziness, lack of discipline, or of regularity, of motivation, pains…)  Would you rather be alone than in a group …..

Have you got questions, would like some advice or be supported on your journey?

* How to start?
* What is the use of meditating or Tibetan yoga?
* What kind of meditation to practice?
* How does meditation work?

Each session is adapted to your needs, whether emotional (afraid, stress, too many thoughts), physical (aches and pains), spiritual or energetic.

You will leave with:

* A clear and concise understanding
* Exercises that are adapted to your needs
* Key points

We are at your disposal for answering all your questions after each session.

85 euros 1h30