Traditional Ku Nye Massage and external therapies

With Sophie

The Tibetan art of massage

 Ku Nye pronounced " Kou Nyé" massage combines the wisdom of Tibetan medicine with the yogic understanding of the energetic body and combines different techniques to obtain a deep physical, psychic and energy balance.

Ku Nye Massage: regenerates you completely, takes away toxins, soothes disorders of the nervous system (insomnia, depression, anxiety), stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, increases vitality, reduces and relieves joint and muscular pains.

This massage is accompanied by a complete assessment and advice in dietetics and lifestyle

115euros 2h00

Relaxing and / or revitalizing Ku Nye massage: is particularly suitable for relieving pain, energy and emotional blockages.adapted to specifically ease pains, emotional and energetic blockages.

85euros 1h30


Ku Nye massage for surfers and athletes alleviates back, muscle and tendon pain, treating ear problems, general fatigue and a weakened immune system.

85euros 1h30

Ku Nye Amala Massage which means "mother" in Tibetan is a pre or postnatal massage, which offers a special moment for all mothers and future mothers who need to take care of themselves. The techniques used will be adapted according to the typology of the person and his needs.

* For future moms, before conception, wishing to prepare their body to welcome their future baby

* For moms needing to meet and recover, after giving birth or the first months of life with their baby

* For tired, overworked and stressed moms in their daily lives

85 euros 1h30

Package of Buddha of Medicine

Package of 6 sessions : 1  Ku Nye Massage and 4 Relaxing Ku Nye Massage + 1 offer : 455 euros

(Price excluding packages for 6 sessions : 540 euros)

Duration: 2h the first massage and 1h30 the next 5

Package is valid for 6 months